DropsAR Creative Solutions
Delightful Augmented Reality Experiences
Our Mission
Lowering the bar to AR, Drops is an Augmented Reality + Metaverse Marketing platform that enables brands and artists to share custom virtual AR experiences with their fans and followers. At Drops, our mission is to deliver highly memorable, readily accessible, web based augmented reality (AR) experiences to everyone. Join our beta.
Drops Team
Drops is a Brooklyn-based company, founded in 2016. The Drops team is comprised of a diverse group of technologists, artists, and marketers.

Together they aim to create unique AR experiences that focus on creating purpose through 3D, audio and visual rewards. The diverse expertise in technology, partnerships, marketing, and a commitment to social impact positions Drops as an innovative force in the AR industry.

Seth Hillinger
Founder & Software Entrepreneur
Alex Schlesener, PhD
Head of 3D design & Human Centered Computing
Jonathan Cornelius
Business Development Manager
Frank Woodworth
Strategic Marketing
We Specialize in Location-based Experiences
Scavenger hunts, Hide and Seek, Memorials, Geocaching, Immersive Portals, Proof of Participation Rewards, Interactive Murals
Delivering Proven Results
  • Generate 5x Traffic with experiential marketing
  • Grow 3x Sales with meaningful campaigns
  • Increase 3x engagement time spent with gamified media