DropsAR Creative Solutions
Delightful Augmented Reality Experiences
Our Mission
Experiential marketing is about telling a story and delivering results. Our mission is to build tools that help your team deliver memorable, easily accessible, Augmented Reality experiences to your fans. Jump aboard to play, imagine, and partner with us.
Drops Team
Seth Hillinger
Alex Schlesener
Strategic Consultants
Sarah Fierek
Frank Woodworth
The Drops team is composed of our CEO/CTO Seth Hillinger, a Brooklyn based creative technologist and Alex Schlesener, our lead 3D artist who hails from Clemson, South Carolina. As well we work with Sarah Fierek, our Wisconsin based strategic partnership manager, and Frank Woodworth our Rhode Island based strategic marketing manager.

Seth, Alex, Sarah, and Frank have been working together over the past two years to create incredibly unique and highly memorable AR experiences for our clients. Seth is a software engineer with over 20 years of experience leading startup teams in both the music and tech industries. Alex recently received her MFA in Digital Production Arts from Clemson University and is now pursuing a PhD in Human Centered Computing, with specializations in user experience, virtual humans and artificial intelligence. Sarah Frierek is a strategic partnerships consultant with a longstanding career in the music industry, who combines her passions for humanitarianism and activism to focus on projects that use AR technologies for the betterment of our world. Frank Woodworth utilizes his extensive experience in the marketing and music industries to provide creative insights related to DropsAR marketing initiatives.

Together, the DropsAR team is dedicated to creating web-based Augmented Reality experiences for everyone.